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American Hairless Terrier Info

More information to be added as it becomes available ...

Breed History

Breed Standard from AHTA

AHT-friendly Products
Sweet Lucy's Doggie Boutique
Kollars by Kathryn
Spiffy Dog Products

Primary Lens Luxation
Aortic Stenosis
Patellar Luxation
Hip Dysplasia
AAHA Vaccine Guidelines
Too Many Vaccines?

Nutritional Information
NOTE: typically, most active dogs do NOT do well on a food with a high carb:protein ratio,
which can result in health and behavioral problems.

I currently feed Nature's Variety Instinct (Chicken formula) and have been very pleased with the results.
I have also fed and recommend the following foods:

Healthwise Active (by Natura Pet Foods)
Fromm Surf & Turf
Wellness CORE
Eagle Pack Holistic (Chicken or Fish)
California Natural Chicken (Puppy formula due to higher fat content)

Please note that there are many choices of quality foods available to the discerning dog owner, and I recommend looking for a food that has quality meat sources (named meats, i.e. turkey meal, lamb meal) instead of generic "meat meals", and avoiding too many grains, especially 'fractioned' grains, like rice flour or rice gluten (instead of ground rice).

Check out the The Dog Food Project - Dog Food Information Central for quality information on all things dog food related.

Conformation Titles

United Kennel Club
American Rare Breed Association
International All Breed Canine Association


United Kennel Club

World Wide Kennel Club
Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Terrier Trials

United Kennel Club
(Earthdog/Den Trials)
American Working Terrier Association


North American Dog Agility Conference
United States Dog Agility Association
United Kennel Club
Canine Performance Events

Weight Pull

United Kennel Club
International Weight Pull Association


AKC Canine Good Citizen Program
American Temperament Testing Society
Therapy Dogs International
North American Flyball Association